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About Ilo
From the last decades of the XX, Ilo has been outlined as a city within the department of Moquegua.

Moquegua region where Ilo is located was inhabited in pre-Columbian era by ethnic Chiribaya. The current city was founded by the Spanish inthe colonial era although there is no record of the exact date is clear who was intimately linked to the environment to 1541 Moquegua. Fulfiled the function from its origins as a port city in the service of trade and agriculture.

Settlement around the anchorage was evolving to set the colonial city that can still be seen today some buildings, many with this characteristics slanted (gable roof with chamfered ridge that is a symbol of the colonial era in the city of Moquegua). The architectural legacy of Ilo as the Church of Sann Geronimo, Jose Galvez roundabout and the pier has been rehabilitated and maintained so far.

Throught the twentieth century migration from the Andean regions made the city grow so in the late twentieth and early twenty-first century 7 zones are distinguished:

"El puerto".
"Villa del mar".
"Nuevo Ilo".
"Alto Ilo".
"La pampa inalámbrica".

The port area is strictly commercial, while Alto Ilo and Pampa inalambrica are results of the twentieth century urban extensions. Ilo could be one of the ports in the country clean and tidy, at differents levels of the city, modern buildings in addition to giving confort enhancement and visitor to the city, you can see their various piers located at different levels of the city, modern buildings in addition to giving comfort enhancement and visitor to the city.

Is also the ecological nature reserve and tourist Punta coles where a diversity of marine. Ilo has beautiful beaches conditioned to the demands of tourists: Puerto ingles, Boca del rio and the modern tourist complex in Pozo lizas well as the beaches for adventure tourism: Las enfermeras, Pocoma, Hierba buena, Wawa-kiki, Jaboncillo and Platanal.

Ilo is the first copper processing plant operated by Southern copper country in installed as well as thermo-electric plant owned by transnational GDF Suez.

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